Local Tourists discover a unique creature in kilome

This was the first time I had accompanied a group with children, so the day was an excitement in discovery of what exites them in kilome and it didn’t disappoint as they were adventurous & pointed out a lot I would have missed.



Their keen observations turned up a red and black flies I’ve never seen before and this snake(?) Or worm that was slightly longer than a foot that was coiled but got into a nearby waterpool and started swimming as we neared.


Now that was not only new but unique because it was all white with a black head


Its width was about the size of the biro ink tube. Now that has dazzled even my research friends who are also intriged to know what it is. Anyone with a clue is welcome to comment on this site or email.
How relaxing was this outing for adults?


What of the ladies?


Can i tour kilome without a guide? Sure, however you will see or experience as much as you know plus Freedom comes with a responsibility over what you carry and yourself.
It’s always wise to register your presence with the administration before embarking on your tour. Happy holidays!
Will be going back to see if I can photograph details of that creature

*clip of snake

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email: muokikioko@gmail.com
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