Bee royal jelly

‘BEE Royal JELLY’ – which farmer here harvests it commercially?


A well-managed hive during a season of 5–6 months can produce approximately 500 g of royal jelly.
Since the product is perishable,
producers must have immediate
access to proper cold storage (e.g., a household refrigerator or freezer) in which the royal jelly is stored until it is sold or conveyed to a collection
center. Sometimes honey or beeswax are added to the royal jelly, which is thought to aid its preservation.
Royal Jelly is the food of the queen bee for her whole life, allowing her to lay more than 2,000 eggs per day and to live for 5-6 years, in contrast to the life expectancy of most bees which stands at a maximum of 2months. Royal Jelly also allows the royal larvae to see their initial weight multiplied by 2,000 in the space of just 5 days.
Royal jelly is secreted from the
glands in the heads of worker bees, and is fed to all bee larvae, whether they are destined to become drones (males), workers (sterile females), or queens (fertile females)

Royal Jelly’s reputation as a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties has made it one of the most widely researched and marketed food supplements in the world.


– restores strength, energy
– aphrodisiac, combats impotence, frigidity, indirectly stimulates the libido, desire (traditional usage)
– improves endurance (synergy
with Rhodiola and Tribulus)
– anorexia, emaciation, restores
– excellent for growth in children and adolescents
– helps to prevent deficiencies and improve endurance for athletes (in synergy with Spirulina and Tribulus )
– promotes hormonal balance in men and women
– helps women during menopause
– increases capacity for concentration (in synergy with Rhodiola and Ginseng)
– balances the nervous system,
improves memory (synergy
with Ginkgo biloba and Rhodiola
– reduces tinnitus, ringing in the
– improves cerebral functions
– combats light depression
– reduces nervous tension, promotes relaxation
– restores taste for life, stimulates the desire to be active (but does not interfere with sleep)
– regulates blood pressure (combats hypertension and hypotension)
– regulates appetite, combats
digestive problems Anti-disease – Natural shield – Flu
– anti-aging, powerful antioxidant (traditional usage) (synergy with Goji Berry and Ginseng )
– natural antibiotic, antibacterial, anti-infection
– protects effectively against diseases and external attacks
(synergy with bee Propolis)
– flu, swine flu (H1N1), colds, fever (excellent combination with bee Propolis)
– sore throat, tonsillitis, ulcers,
sinusitis, bronchitis (++) (synergy with Propolis and Echinacea )
– chronic respiratory conditions
– helps in cancer prevention
(no scientific proof, but its rich
composition plays an essential role in the healthy functioning of the body and immune system).
– improves the body’s resistance to viruses, bacteria and other infections
– combats bad cholesterol
– vasodilatory action, improves blood circulation
– anemia
– skin problems (synergy with
Aloe Vera)
– thickens and nourishes hair
– dermatosis
– combats labial herpes (++) (synergy. with bee Propolis)
– combats acne

recommended to take 600-1000mg (1g) of fresh Royal Jelly per day

*Never take royal jelly if you Have an allergy to bee products or have just been stung by. a bee
(adopted from Ginseng & Wikipedia)

*manuals for making bee keeping equipment:

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2015
All rights reserved.

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