Kilome ‘s protein rich Chapatis this Valentine’s


Here’s another first. – PROTEIN RICH CHAPATIS. Made of protein rich


Fermented soya that has a slight course texture like half ‘atta chapaties’ but very high in protein content is the ultimate chapati for health aware individual seeking a pastry that’s dry and not starch filled.
It’s also good for vegetarians seeking dry foods that are non meat foods with high protein content!

So what’s the difference between Soya Powder & Soy Flour?
Soy flour is made by grinding whole dry soybeans into flour in the same way wheat kernels
are ground into flour. Soy flour
often contains considerable hull
material, is more coarse, and may even be raw.
Soy flour is often dry-toasted after grinding to improve
flavor and digestibility. It may be
used in baking recipes.

Soya Powder is made by cooking the soybeans before grinding. Soyapowder is finer than soy flour and usually has a better flavor. It may be used to make soya milk and it may also be used in baking recipes

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All rights reserved.

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