Easter in Kilome


From these ‘Family 3 bedroomed cottages’ starting ksh12,000(yet to be advertised)

to ‘A Boutique accommodation’ (http://kilimakiumanor.com/)


camping in community held grasslands or hills of this location. These are some of your options for accommodation as you relax

in the scenic ukambani landscape that includes waterfalls, either as a group or with family


Discovering some beautiful local insects & birds

get guided by community guides through kilome Landscapes


or just drive around enjoying the scenary (that may include Views of Kilimanjaro) or visit Rock 14111
For the youthful and curious one’s go game driving on the konza plains or take on ‘Photography’ of nature

karibu kilome

As it’s Easter you can also sample attending a local Easter service.

Don’t forget kilome has sweet, fresh local fruits, pass through a local fruit stand and enjoy farm fresh fruits!!


For a souvenir Shop for these kilome baskets and other items to carry home as a local souvenir or to make business with back home. Use this link to interact with those who make them to ensure they are genuine

The first 2 accommodations have swimming pools. For community camping & community guides email: kilomeinvestments@gmail.com
or call 0722 891689

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2015
email: muokikioko@gmail.com
All rights reserved.

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