Making ‘Eye Shadow’

Eye shadow is a cosmetic that’s
applied on eyelids and under
the eyebrows. It’s commonly used to make wearer’s eyes stand out or look more attractive.

Eye shadow can add depth and
dimension to one’s eyes,
complement the eye color, or simply draw attention to the eyes.


eye shadow ©wikipedia


Titanium Dioxide (Kwale)
Zink oxide
Kaolin clay (ukambani)
Rice Flour (mwea)
Iron oxide – yellow (hardware)
iron oxide – red (hardware)
Mica’s – various tints (rift valley)

kaolin clay helps in creating gliding effect and reduces sticking. Rice flour acts as a filler to avoid caking effect of powder mix, while the Mica’s are to create the glowy/ shimmering look when applied.

pestle & motor


Motor & pestle ©

– best are those made from hard smooth rock like marble

Add all colours and pigments all at once into motor. This helps you remove streaks/lines from mixture
Mix these pigments with hand grinder( motor & pestle ) until mix is smooth and consistant.
After adding ‘Mica’ do not grind much, to retain glitter particles.

test your eye shadow on your skin to ensure you’re getting desired colour. Variable will be the iron oxide colors so as to get differing colours.

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2015
All rights reserved.

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