African Dog Species


Did you know that Africa has indigenous dog species, some of which are internationally known and highly valuable?
So what makes a dog species valuable?
First is it’s temperament around the home, how good is it around children? some dogs don’t like being touched! A good example are the short ‘basengi/basenji’ dogs that don’t like being touched, but are very loyal to their masters. They will stick by their master, but tend to sit away from him/her waiting for commands while the other dogs sit next to their masters. They are also very cooperative with other dogs.
The other is that each type / species has it’s character that is usefull. Though it (basengi) doesn’t like being touched, it doesn’t appreciate strangers in it’s territory – thus making it a very good gaurd dog as it won’t entertain a stranger in it’s owners compound. However, it has another interesting character on farms – it’s an egg thief 🙂
Other dogs are good for hunting, while others are good at initiating play amoungst other dogs and children. Others are excellent herders and are traditionally used to herd sheep in Northern Africa.
There’s one dog type found here in kilome I’ve not been able to identify. Anyone who knows what species it is can let us know. It’s color reminds one of a hyena.


I’ve also noticed its the most alert in terms of anything unusual happening in neighborhood and tends to alert other dogs to check out what’s happening. I’ve also never seen it pack with other dogs when damsels are on heat.
Pure breed dogs are valuable in markets with prices starting about Ksh 20,000 ($250) a pup here in East Africa. To be certified pure breed it needs to have identifiable records of about 4 generations of it’s parents (same species) and fully vaccinated. In East Africa there’s a Kennel club that keeps records of certified dogs [The East African Kennel Club]

To learn more on the popular 9 African species that are internationally known (click Here)

Here’s where the Dog business gets interesting and super valuable!
“The more you selectively breed a breed for a character that the market requires, the more valuable your dog breed/hood becomes”

Read about Hip, Eye & DNA scoring done on registered dogs

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