Paper wasps of Kilome


Paper wasp©muoki kioko

I had always thought of the power drill used for making holes on walls or a dentist drill for teeth as a brilliant innovation. Same to the banking process of keeping valuables in a vault, that was until this


wasp turned up. Bzzzzz, bzzzzz, bzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzz it went on constantly turning around its tunnel to ensure the edges were smoothed out.
Next, out it went and in a short while returned with cargo which it safely deposited in this vault


Paper wasp2© Muoki Kioko

Then… the vault is secured! different sized materials are tried for a tight ‘fit’ in the tunnel


After fitting a 2nd or 3rd layer is added before surface is evened out and made to look like the surrounding.
Noticed that later in the day, if it acquired new cargo the old vault could still be traced accurately and the vault secured even more.
Just left wondering what other lessons were can pick from the creator of the universe.

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