Free climbing..

I was out with some outdoor friends and as we viewed some young boys viewing us from a cliff above there was a desire to have the same view. Now to get to that view we had to climb the hill then descend down the only visible “route” through a cliff edge.
A female colleague had made friends with some local girls who zoomed down the cliff edge in slippers. Mmm, we trodded down on ALL fours.
Getting to the cliff edge where the boys were viewing us from I looked backwards towards another rock cliff


and I see this boy running midway across the cliff wall (how did he get there). Then I notice the left edge of the wall that’s basically vertical had brown marking like a place that’s stepped on, but it didn’t make sense as its almost flat vertically!
In a short while the other boys get up and join the first on that rock cliff and head straight where the brown path is




Up up up


and they choose a higher spot/cliff to view us from..
As outdoor people we would 1st set up a belay (anchor point) above, then secure ourselves with harnesses as we met out all the rock climbing jargon – on belay, belay – climbing, climb.. before even
My thoughts are cut short by the local young girls guiding us who say lets go up the same way as the boys

photos and text
©muoki kioko

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