Easter with family

What is your easter tradition!? Here easter means an opportunity for family member’s to meet up together, including those who stay far away.


Musenyas kitchen ©muokikioko 2016

Part of the getting together is the feast and the many hours spent by sisters in the kitchen especially making ‘chapatti’.
Some of them stand out for the meal is not a meal until you’ve tasted their chapati’s, like this sister above who’s golden brown chapati’s  ‘peeeel off’ in layers! mmm yummy
They are so popular that people leave free food including home food to buy her chapo’s. Next time you’re in Kilome, ask for musenya’s . oh, and yes she makes full meals (equally as tasty).
Perhaps what she had to say speaks something about her foods

“I’m not willing to give anyone inferior quality foods than what I’d cook for my own family’s table”

…how did you spend your easter, what is your families easter tradition?

photos and text
©muoki kioko

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