Eurasian Nightjars journey through kilome


Eurasian Nightjar in Kilome ©Muoki Kioko 2016

Nightjars to most people are those birds we find on roads at night in remote places.
Eurasian nightjars belong to that group but some winter/spend European winters here in Africa then go back to breed/reproduce in Europe and Asia as the name suggests and ‘March’ – ‘April’ is the season they return North to breed, like this one photographed above in Kilome.

Eurasian nightjars travel south into Africa all the way to southern Africa between the months of sept-oct when winter season has set in on their breeding grounds in Europe and Asia generally preferring savanna and woodland habitats that include Acacia woodlands while in Africa.

A unique characteristic of this nightjar Unlike others is it roosts/rests lengthways on tree branches in the day


Photo credit: Trevor Hardaker

Other nightjars seen in kilome include the Nubian nightjar, dusky nightjar and montane nightjar

photos and text
©muoki kioko

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