Abseiling in kilome

Since the expedition began in the morning till around midday when we got here, i had been eyeing this tower from afar. Used as a vantage point by baboons to raid farms far and wide, the rock was a beauty on every edge. Some sections i could already visualise myself hanging perpendicularly on it’s clean vertical walls with the world waaaay down theeere…


sitted on the cliff edge ©muokikioko2016

with their expert knowledge of their area they(guides) got me to the top of the tower without use of gear..now was my turn to amuse them as i set up a three point anchor and off i went from the top of the tower enjoying every second of the closest vertical wall abseil.. wah, i wish we had the time to rock climb this wall then eeenjoooy every second of abseiling on the Main wall..

Below you can see one of guides waving at me from top of tower (to right of climbing rope) as i abseilled..


due to time we had to disembark to continue our expedition that got us back to our transport after 8:00pm..damn, time moves so fast when your at a exiting location!

if you’ve never abseiled this tower, you’ve never been to kiima-kiu kalonzoni..

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