Hiker’s ‘seedball’ areas cleared by charcoal burners

As part of their responsible tourism, visitor’s to kilome through their touring firms are re-introducing acacia species to areas they visit that had been degraded by charcoal burner’s.

Over 500 seeds of specially coated acacia are spread over every trip made possible by a partnership with The Community Adventure guides and ‘Seedballs Kenya’.

To help regreen your region, former school or support this project in kilome you can directly contact seedballkenya to have the packaging of your sponsored seeds branded your name.

Why seedballs, and not seedlings?

The Seedball coating protects it from being eaten by birds, insects and herbivores or rodents, meaning you can spread them at any time of the year.

You also don’t have to water them or dig holes to plant, plus their mode of application to the ground allows for a more ‘nature look’ of trees grown.. But most importantly is that the seeds are kefri certified!

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