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Kilome looking for 1tonne dried locusts

*should have no pesticide

Weirdest ‘mantis’ I’ve ever seen!!

Had seen it severally before, BUT never imagined it was a living creature…

Today, it moved, then turned..then took some steps away from me..

Kilomes weirdest mantis..

The ‘Ngilu’ flower..

The ‘ngilu flower is a resource/means to a product whos international price is over 5 times the price of fuel.

A natural resource that grows wildly and is quickly destroyed as a “weed”

Savannah care

Kilome’s Golden beetles

This image doesn’t even represent 10% of the actual beauty of this beetle in real life!! Beauty, richness unequalled..!

I snatched this particular one from children who did not want to let it go

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