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Taking a break into Greater Makueni




Kili view from kilome

Kilimanjaro from kilome ©muokikioko 2017

Meanwhile at sunrise..

Proop, proop, prooop

With their distinct light blue underbellies

Making loads of proop, proop sounds as they swarm an area

These annually migrating birds move in flocks from Europe and asia and are here on their way down to southern Africa and are known as ‘Eurasian Bee Eaters’.

Looking at their size and thinking of the journey they make annually gets me asking – if this small creation has the courage to cross oceans, desert’s and seas on its small wings ‘What does that say about a people that have Never visited the village next door’?

Awesome spider in kilome

Boxing spiders of Kilome

©muoki kioko 2016

Armed with ‘black gloves’, protecting their bloodshot Red eyes are these ‘boxing spiders’ in kilome.

At home both on surfaces or as they glide ‘still’ on water surfaces – looking always ready to throw in a fewww punches on anything in their way. 

Armed with a front set of 4 Eyes and another two smaller eyes on the side, they are unalarmed at bigger objects in front of them like YoU!

*ID’d by Zarek Cocker as a ‘Salticidae – jumping spider’

Sky Dive Point..kilome


Happy New Year 2016.

Imagine flying like a bird, taking in ALL the views below you – letting the winds aid you in travelling.

Have you been to ‘The Sky Diving Point’ in Kilome!? A 2hour hike from the base or 3hr drive from Nairobi the capital of kenya using a vehicle with good ground clearance.

photos and text
©muoki kioko

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