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Kilome’s Golden beetles

This image doesn’t even represent 10% of the actual beauty of this beetle in real life!! Beauty, richness unequalled..!

I snatched this particular one from children who did not want to let it go


Caterpillar Easter

This Easter was ‘caterpillar Easter’
Caterpillars, caterpillars and more caterpilars…Mother’s carrying babies first inspected you to ensure you had no caterpillars on your clothing before allowing you to handle their babies


What species of butterfly/moth were these and why Soooo many!!?

Kilome’s ‘Bunny Face’ spiders


Over time weirder and interesting things turn up in Kilome like this spider with a mischievous looking ‘bunny face’

Ghost Mantis of Kilome

dead leaf mantis of kilome

ghost mantis of kilome ©muoki kioko2016

dead leaf mantis of kilome2

ghost mantis profile © muoki kioko2017

Awesome spider in kilome

Boxing spiders of Kilome

©muoki kioko 2016

Armed with ‘black gloves’, protecting their bloodshot Red eyes are these ‘boxing spiders’ in kilome.

At home both on surfaces or as they glide ‘still’ on water surfaces – looking always ready to throw in a fewww punches on anything in their way. 

Armed with a front set of 4 Eyes and another two smaller eyes on the side, they are unalarmed at bigger objects in front of them like YoU!

*ID’d by Zarek Cocker as a ‘Salticidae – jumping spider’

Cowpea weevil/Beetle

It’s harvest time for legumes, beans, peas, cowpeas, green grams and the like. To store them, they are 1st dried.
How ever, one small “dudu/insect” awaits the dry legume


cowpea weevil, Callosobruchus maculatus close up ©muokikioko2016

The cowpea weevil, (Callosobruchus maculatus). Purpose is to replicate using the pea/bean dry seed as food for it’s young.
Females lay 100’s of eggs


cowpea weevil eggs ©muokikioko 2016

that hatch in 8 days or less on the surface, which then burrow into the legume emerging

3-7 weeks later


by breaking the thin membrane on surface of bean, leaving holes around the legume.
An agricultural pest to many small scale farmers


It is sometimes controlled by application of crushed dry coffee weed/stinking weed leaves.

*HD video on the same available

photos and text
©muoki kioko

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