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Spider with Kenya flag Colours

Seen recently in Kilome, a spider with the flag Colours

Savannah care

Kilome’s ‘Bunny Face’ spiders


Over time weirder and interesting things turn up in Kilome like this spider with a mischievous looking ‘bunny face’

Awesome spider in kilome

Boxing spiders of Kilome

©muoki kioko 2016

Armed with ‘black gloves’, protecting their bloodshot Red eyes are these ‘boxing spiders’ in kilome.

At home both on surfaces or as they glide ‘still’ on water surfaces – looking always ready to throw in a fewww punches on anything in their way. 

Armed with a front set of 4 Eyes and another two smaller eyes on the side, they are unalarmed at bigger objects in front of them like YoU!

*ID’d by Zarek Cocker as a ‘Salticidae – jumping spider’

Sports Entertainment in Kilome


During the just concluded ball sports games their was great entertainment and showcasing of talent to keep residents glued to the games.
From spikers like this one


to lady dribblers


agitated goal keeper’s


to female referees in men’s matches


a host of talent to watch for


photos and text
©muoki kioko

‘Woof’ spiders of kilome


‘Woof’ is the name I’ve given this spider because of it’s dog like features. It is part of a collection of spiders I’ve captured that have features similar to objects or animals we are familiar with.
The other very interesting one was one with a cat like face, which i could not trace at the time of this upload. All in all i appreciate if any of you know its scientific name for Id’ing purposes

Text & Images
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All rights reserved.

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