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Mega millipede season


Have you ever seen millipedes this BiG? Come experience African Giant millipedes as they take over their territory this season. As seen above, the lower measurements are in inches while the upper in cms

Died, went to Heaven & Returned!!

Just had an encounter with this “buddy” on his back. please don’t laugh coz this is serious stuff!!

Just checked in the loos (external toilets) to loose some weight for the evening! well someone else thought otherwise – as i began loosing weight this giant moth checks in to keep me company and decides to play summers within the 6 walls of the room. Just then messages start checkin in on my phone and i forget the moth.

Suddenly – doof!! then somthing soft pointed hits my lower leg – again and again at different angles. Now thats not a moth!. Look down with the low light of phones screen and this mAaSive Foot long (body) rat is in the small room with me. Now starts the drama….

Rains are here, and…


sitting by the waters edge ©muokikioko2016

i’m kind of used to a croaking sound from these creaters, and so when it starts raining and the croaking ends. Instead you start getting a high pitched chirping sound, more like birds but in the dead of the night that got me curious.

But any time i got to stop near the water bodies the continous chirping ceased. So i decided to start playing the patience game and boy was i rewarded!


frog with blown up throat ©muokikioko2016

sitting there Looking like a jazz musician about to blow his trumpet – they fill up their throats with air to a point you can clearly trace the vein network on the sac. Hold the ground firmly, test flexibility of air sac to retract and blow up again. Finally they hold their bodies steady and let the air sac’s chirp, first in low tones then it goes picking up in sound…

Wow…i did manage to capture the process in full HD..



Snow in the skies..


I was talking to a friend the other day and something caught my attention from behind them:
“a strangely shaped solo cloud”
or so I thought, but it had a flat top. Appearing above mature 30-40 year old eucalyptus trees my eyes kept shifting between my friend and this “cloud” until they turned, looked and asked..
“kwani u’ve never seen Kilimanjaro”?
I was looking at “the worlds highest free standing snow”
Then I remembered the description ‘worlds highest free standing mountain’. It’s height makes the top stick out somewhere in the middle of the skies especially when the slopes are not visible.

photos and text
©muoki kioko

‘Woof’ spiders of kilome


‘Woof’ is the name I’ve given this spider because of it’s dog like features. It is part of a collection of spiders I’ve captured that have features similar to objects or animals we are familiar with.
The other very interesting one was one with a cat like face, which i could not trace at the time of this upload. All in all i appreciate if any of you know its scientific name for Id’ing purposes

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Strange creature in Kilome

Over the past 4 years I’ve covered & discovered a lot in this “African backyard” just 100kms south of Nairobi and its Airport. However non of that prepared me for this


Sited in water (muddy) was this creature almost invisible! Were it not for something nudging me to keep looking that I saw tiny movement, and as I got closer ooh, a jet of water shot at me from the anus


It then nudged itself to almost invisibility in the shallow pool.
1/2 hour later with persistance and patience was an even bigger surprise 🙂 travelar ants aka siafu. But instead of seeking safety like everything else (me included) it takes a leap and bites off a piece


What is this?

I observed them for 3 months without change in body shape or size.

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