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The ‘Ngilu’ flower..

The ‘ngilu flower is a resource/means to a product whos international price is over 5 times the price of fuel.

A natural resource that grows wildly and is quickly destroyed as a “weed”

What do you see..

What do you see… ©Muoki Kioko 2019

Somewhere in kilome..

Strange crucifix tree..

Bird watching in Kilome






From the rare endangered crowned crane to master hunter ‘black eagles’ to the beautiful yellow bishops. Not forgetting the very rare black faced waxbills – join kilome ornithologists on this rare African adventure exploring Africa’s leading bird destination..

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Enjoying picnics in kilome..


Great views, Super FRESH Air!! and steamed goat meat from Ksh400 a kilo – beat that!!

Mega millipede season


Have you ever seen millipedes this BiG? Come experience African Giant millipedes as they take over their territory this season. As seen above, the lower measurements are in inches while the upper in cms

Caterpillar Easter

This Easter was ‘caterpillar Easter’
Caterpillars, caterpillars and more caterpilars…Mother’s carrying babies first inspected you to ensure you had no caterpillars on your clothing before allowing you to handle their babies


What species of butterfly/moth were these and why Soooo many!!?

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