Flora and Fauna Checklists

Birding in Kilome

Here’s my bird Checklist:

Black headed oriole


Yellow bishop

Red chested cuckoo

Tawny flanked prinia

Grey headed sparrow

Sifling cisticola

Gross beaked weaver

Folk tailed drongo

White breasted cuckoo shrike

Shelleys starling

White browed scrub robin

Common smitterbill

African hawk eagle

Tawny eagle

Black cuckoo

White bellied go away bird

Streaky seed eater

Pied wagtail

Plain martin

African harrier hawk

Tropical boubou

Black stork

Mourning dove

Speckled pigeon

Yellow rumped-cameroptera

house  sparrow

white bellied tit

Pale prinia

woodland kingfisher

black cheeked waxbill

eastern violet backed sunbird

collard sunbird

spot flanked barbet

brown snake eagle

black chested snake eagle

levaillants cuckoo

red faced crombec

black headed heron

Bronze manikin

Bronze sunbird

Somali breasted bunting

Black cap

Northern crombec

Red headed weaver

Pin tailed whydah

Vearauxes eagle

Banded snake eagle

White headed black saw- wing

Red and yellow barbet

Village weaver

Burglerfecht weaver

Auger buzzard

Eurasian bee eater

Cinnamon chested bee- eater

Little bee eater

White eyed slaty- flycatcher

Great sparrowhawk

Grey headed sparrow

Diedricks cuckoo

Bronze sunbird

Amerthyst sunbird

Black bellied starling

Singing cisticola

lesser masked weaver

ring necked dove

crimson rumped waxbill

bare eyed thrush

white browed robbin chat

african pygmy kingfisher

brimstone canary

whaleburgs eagle

Red footed falcon

Kori bustard

Yellow brested apalis

Eurasian cuckoo

Hadada ibis

Northern crombec

Violet backed starlings

Brown crowned chagra

Long tailed fiscal

Chin spot batis

Black backed puffback

Dusky fly catcher

Pale fly catcher

African paradise flycatcher

Rock martin

Cape robin chat

White browed sparrow-weaver

Red billed fire finch

Purple grenadier

Red cheeked corduon bleu

African citril

White headed barbet

Abyssinian white eye

Red eyed dove

Common bulbul

Scarlet chested sunbird

Red winged starling

Pied crow

Black kite

Speckled moosebird

Grey wood pecker

white headeds buffalo weaver

little bee eater

Green sandpiper

little ringed plover

Red necked falcon

masai ostrich

narinas trogon

Mammal checklist:


Rock hyrax


Black backed jackal


3 Bats species(species not yet identified)- mauritian tomb bat







thomson gazell

grants gazelle




Flat headed geckoBoubagus scrub lizard

Agama lizard

Common house gecko

rainbow lizard

plated lizard

Toads and Frogs:

Bufo gamma toad

Trees, Suculents and shrubs

CrotonBlue gum



Aloe ukambanensis




    • obunga maurice
    • April 29th, 2010

    keep it up it is unique my brother


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  2. December 11th, 2012

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