KONZA ICT City & KilomeLicences

Konzacity is about 60kms on your right from Nairobi on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway(tarmac road) It is marked with small billboards and fenced with cement poles that look white in colour. From Mombasa it is about 410kms to your left after a small upcoming township with a lot of ironsheet structures(Malili town). Those from Nairobi Malili township will be the small town with upcoming structures just after the enclosed Konzacity.
Konzacity is in Mukaa District/Kilome Constituency. Kilome hills will be to your left after Konza and entry is just at the end of Salama town 100kms from Nairobi. For those from Mombasa Kilome hills entry is about 390kms from Mombasa to your right just as you complete your 1st climbing lane.

What are the ICT’s board plans?
Is Malili township part of Konza City planning? ie does the planned infrustructure(roads, rail, water, sewage) include Malili?
Is Konza city an island shut out from it’s currently bulging neighbourhood, if so what will the neighbourhoods longterm impact be on the city and vice versa?
Are the ongoing developments in neighbouring Konza and Malili planned with consideration of access, water, sewage, soils, and social amenities like schools?
What development plans for the city extend beyond Konza?
There is a range land opposite the ICT City that always has wildlife – should it be developed into a park/social amenity that taps into tourism with camps & hotels like those in Naivasha/laikipia catering for Malili, Konza & kilome plus locals or should they be gotten rid of and residents and investors given Golf only?
Who are investing in Konzacity

How do your long term plans fit into this neighbourhoods?


– what other opportunities are around Kilome if I dared explore?

Business licences within Kilome will fall under Makueni County http://www.makuenicounty.or.ke/content/kilome

Business licences for Konzacity enquire at ICT Board or contact them through their site http://www.konzacity.co.ke

*Prime land with cheetahs?
if so can anything be done with them to benefit the communities or is short term self gratification(aka greed) sufficient?

– is this the only such organisation in AFRICA other than Botswana, Southern Africa? if so WHAT does it say about Kilome or is it cheaper and better for this Nation to direct guests to botswana?

– May this be a nearer option for NAIROBI(68kms) & MOMBASA(350-400kms) guests than maasai mara to watch, learn about, photograph and film cheetahs?

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