Abseiling in kilome

rock climbing in Kenya, africa

abseil kyandui rock

AAAA Thrilll!

Simply give it a try!


Seeing and photographing sunsets with gradients

If you’ve ever dreamt of taking a sunset that has created gradients of the landscape – come to Kilome! A GAURANTEE on any sunny day

african sight seeing safari

Gradient sunset


Kilome Farmer Takes Bold step

A young entrepreneural farmer who had ventured into commercial farming last season took a bold step this season after a season of hard labour ferrying water to wet his nursery.

last seasons cabbage

This season he took the bold step and started constructing a Dam next to his crop, fro easy acces and to ensure he gets a steady crop, even in the dry season.

nzomos dam



Q?: who’s investing in this gypsum (used for making chalk, wall polyfiller, plaster of paris)?  are there enough deposits to warrant a factory in Kilungu hills?


historical sites

Historical sites include Mr Clarks house, buit in 1903

Mr clarks residence

The older generation are a Gem in giving information of the past of this region. These include the older pathways (some still in use), abandoned market spaces, construction of roads, early travel, Akamba-Maasai interaction (including adoption of names).

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Kilome administration

Kilome Constitency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of five constituencies in Makueni District. The constituency was established for the 1988 elections. The constituency has three wards, all electing councillors for the Makueni County Council.


About Kilome

<META name=”y_key” content=”d410e6373f9853a8″>Kilome stands for place of mist in the maa language.

Morning mist (kilome)

The most prominent parts of kilome are the kilome hills that have mist covered tops most mornings.

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