Chipolongo/Giant african Millipede

Experts said the habitat was wrong, they also

stated they’ve ben there doing field studies and collections have been done since the 1800’s. _ Giant African millipedes are not found in Kilome. I now ask, what is this???

Vibe of Africa

Kilome Giant African Millipede


Butterflies migrate

The last week of February saw 100s of thousands of butterflies migrate through Kilome. Peak time was during the heat of midday. Question is:- is this an annual ritual?


Butterfly migrating north miday feb


local travel in afdrica

Cloud storm kingalani

Stone housing for less than Ksh 200,000?

housing solutions

Kilome 2 bedroom stone house

Starting from Ksh 3500 per 7 tonne Canter truck for this stone, could a 2 bedroome d stone home become a reality? visit kilome stone miners for more on how to build with it.

Abseiling in kilome

rock climbing in Kenya, africa

abseil kyandui rock

AAAA Thrilll!

Simply give it a try!

Seeing and photographing sunsets with gradients

If you’ve ever dreamt of taking a sunset that has created gradients of the landscape – come to Kilome! A GAURANTEE on any sunny day

african sight seeing safari

Gradient sunset


Kilome Farmer Takes Bold step

A young entrepreneural farmer who had ventured into commercial farming last season took a bold step this season after a season of hard labour ferrying water to wet his nursery.

last seasons cabbage

This season he took the bold step and started constructing a Dam next to his crop, fro easy acces and to ensure he gets a steady crop, even in the dry season.

nzomos dam

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