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Young Explorer’s experience wild tortoises in Kilome

Nature has its Ways of surprises irrespective of season as some young explorers were to find out while on an expedition in kilome recently. Young, youthful and Adventurous Kenyan s from almost all parts of kenya were at it again, exploring their country as they experienced nature at its best in its natural environments.  An opportunity to breath Nature’s fresh air while stretching their bodies and experiencing new scenery, kilome was ready to give these guest’s a few surprises. From wild tortoises peeing on them to – ‘Oop’s’, almost sat on a basking snake! 🙂 With the community provided guides they stretched themselves hill after hill, valley after valley finally ending their adventure with an evening view of their starting point and with memories of Ukambani fruit. From kilome community, ‘asanda’ come again.. To engage your youthfulness this holiday season +254780891689

Chipolongo/Giant african Millipede

Experts said the habitat was wrong, they also

stated they’ve ben there doing field studies and collections have been done since the 1800’s. _ Giant African millipedes are not found in Kilome. I now ask, what is this???

Vibe of Africa

Kilome Giant African Millipede

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