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The 100mtr waterfall of Ukambani

Situated on Ka Kindui river on Kilome hills Makueni County is ‘Ka kindui waterfalls’ – An adventure at viewing of waterfalls 🙂


In 6 steps, It starts with this first fall about 15 metres drop just off the main road. Then


another 10metre drop with an adventure filled path to see it (locals make trips to marvel at it).


Above is step 3 of the waterfall (your adrenaline will by now have been pushed up 4 notches to get here).
Next is for the ‘Dare Devils’ – a 30-40metre verticle drop. To get here you’ll definitely be on ALL 4’s


…followed by two others of similar vertical drop. I love heights, even then at this stage my legs were wobbling!
Have a joyous Christmas season and keep enjoying exploring Kilome.

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*Sorry, to get there(from Nairobi) 100kms down mombasa road turn left at salama and proceed 14kms on tarmac to ‘kyale’. Here you’ll find a Catholic church to your right (after Kilome shops but before Nunguni). Turn right into an all weather road for about 7kms, ask locals for road along ka kindui river and keep at it till you get to hill edge. The fall is just off the road. I couldn’t keep details of the route as I was hiking (A never ending rd back to the main road)
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Enjoy the adventure 🙂

– note this is at a forested edge and can be slippery descending, please wear appropriate shoes. The other view is kilometers away accessible through kati komu planned for another day to take a complete image of whole waterfall.

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