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Hiker’s ‘seedball’ areas cleared by charcoal burners

As part of their responsible tourism, visitor’s to kilome through their touring firms are re-introducing acacia species to areas they visit that had been degraded by charcoal burner’s.

Over 500 seeds of specially coated acacia are spread over every trip made possible by a partnership with The Community Adventure guides and ‘Seedballs Kenya’.

To help regreen your region, former school or support this project in kilome you can directly contact seedballkenya to have the packaging of your sponsored seeds branded your name.

Why seedballs, and not seedlings?

The Seedball coating protects it from being eaten by birds, insects and herbivores or rodents, meaning you can spread them at any time of the year.

You also don’t have to water them or dig holes to plant, plus their mode of application to the ground allows for a more ‘nature look’ of trees grown.. But most importantly is that the seeds are kefri certified!

Kilome’s Golden beetles

This image doesn’t even represent 10% of the actual beauty of this beetle in real life!! Beauty, richness unequalled..!

I snatched this particular one from children who did not want to let it go

Kasikeu Nites

Enjoy Africa Nature is some of the most Serene evening s in Africa while having proximity to modernization! My experience here and those even double my age ‘was to seek a spot’ atop a rock for sunrise… A feeling only you can express yourself

Somewhere in kilome..

Strange crucifix tree..

How to Eat a thorn melons

Thorn melons are dryland fruits about 3 inches in length covered with spikes/thorns

Making it tricky to handle. Normally the surest way to tell that the fruit is ready is by the colour, which goes orange as it ripens. The other way also serves as a means of making it easier to handle

Is by slicing off the thorns and you will get a yellow fluid flowing out from cuts.

Then you can slice the fruit open to consume the green flesh and seeds

Kilome’s ‘Bunny Face’ spiders


Over time weirder and interesting things turn up in Kilome like this spider with a mischievous looking ‘bunny face’

Kili view from kilome

Kilimanjaro from kilome ©muokikioko 2017

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