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Caterpillar Easter

This Easter was ‘caterpillar Easter’
Caterpillars, caterpillars and more caterpilars…Mother’s carrying babies first inspected you to ensure you had no caterpillars on your clothing before allowing you to handle their babies


What species of butterfly/moth were these and why Soooo many!!?

Butterfly season in kilome

How do I differentiate between a moth and a butterfly?



Above is one of kilome’s most beautiful moths I’ve seen. Starting May to August is butterfly season in kilome, from the grasslands to bush or swamps we have varieties of both butterflies and moths.


Over the same period we also get variety of butterflies migrating by the millions east. So how do I watch, identify, or photograph butterflies?
Opportunities exist for butterfly outings, butterfly photography, butterfly breeding, butterfly art,butterfly exports, etc
Below is a downloadable book on how to watch butterflies (*to learn butterfly photography contact us using the email below)

(Click text to download book)
introduction to butterfly watching free book

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