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Is your politician spiritually binding you and your homestead?

Here in Kenya we are approaching that season of “free” money. Question: Can you work for a million, then distribute it for free to anyone for no service?

Here is the process it goes through- you are talked to, then your temples are visited and a small donation is made to your project and blessings are sought. Next stop is Tanzania, Ukambani, Coast or Uganda where sacrifices are made then cash is prayed for to bind ALL those who touch it! Question is, to whom are those prayers made to? you think it’s God? You guessed it right.

The money is then distributed freely but what is not in the public domain is what he had asked for when making the sacrifice. Let’s look at some of the after effects.
One of the promises in rural areas is water. QUESTION: Is it normal to fight for water with faeces in it? Stupid question? Let’s look at what happens on the ground and tell me if something doesn’t add up. Who OWNS and provides water, clean water ‘rain’ freely and right at every doorstep – God or man? Why would anyone watch clean water falling right at home, let it go – sweep dog faeces, human faeces, cow and goat sheat, then where it goes to settle after sweeping ALL that you happily go and collect! Then you complain of strange body and skin ailments. This same individual never agree’s to buy clean water and will ALWAYS argue with you whenever you show him how to trap clean water at home. Sound familiar? Look at the lives of these individuals family, constantly a struggle!

One politician famously said it to his people – ‘That pumpkin you ate, YOU SHALL PAY’

Have you touched that money? Has any member of your family brought into your homestead bought with that money???

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Kilome administration

Kilome Constitency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of five constituencies in Makueni District. The constituency was established for the 1988 elections. The constituency has three wards, all electing councillors for the Makueni County Council.


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