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Are schools biggest culprits in destroying the environment..!?

With many schools consuming 1-2 fully mature trees per week

So as to feed your children. A month of 15 school in a sub county doing this means 60 mature trees a month or 180 mature trees a term that NO student or school plants!!

Where are ALL these tree’s coming from…?

Kilome (Sub County & county) School Games


Above we see a coach timing a participant in this years Schools swimming Sub County Games held in Kilome today.


A sport that previously had only one school in the sub-county participating this time had 3 schools Kiongwani, Maiani & Mukaa boys sending in participants with a high level of skills shown


Above is a participant in the butterfly competition and below are participants in the breast stroke event.


Winners will be representing Mukaa/kilome sub county in the coming Makueni schools County games.

Some images from the county games a few days later

Close finishes

Determination of students, pushing themselves

…to a point of hand’s being too heavy to lift 🙂

With close co-ordination of officials officiating races..

Can’t wait for another opportunity to cover all other games

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Kilome tourism

Institutions in Kilome prepare to launch and support their own tourism circuit, considering the proximity to Nairobi and ever available wildlife visible from Mombasa road as you travel through the region.

Schools are considering first visiting the ranches near the Konza Metropolis that have abundant HartBeest , Tomis, grants and Eland – a mere 100kms from Nairobi on New tarmac

ridge frog

Other interests include this asp burrowing snake that was found at almost 2metres undergroundburrowing asp(snake)flat napped chameleonsridge frogs, chameleons, over 150 bird species, rock climbing, hiking,….

Some of these are already being noted by local film makers who are beggining to use the location as a shootin site for musicians and possibly documentaries

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