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Enjoying picnics in kilome..


Great views, Super FRESH Air!! and steamed goat meat from Ksh400 a kilo – beat that!!

Young Explorer’s experience wild tortoises in Kilome

Nature has its Ways of surprises irrespective of season as some young explorers were to find out while on an expedition in kilome recently. Young, youthful and Adventurous Kenyan s from almost all parts of kenya were at it again, exploring their country as they experienced nature at its best in its natural environments.  An opportunity to breath Nature’s fresh air while stretching their bodies and experiencing new scenery, kilome was ready to give these guest’s a few surprises. From wild tortoises peeing on them to – ‘Oop’s’, almost sat on a basking snake! 🙂 With the community provided guides they stretched themselves hill after hill, valley after valley finally ending their adventure with an evening view of their starting point and with memories of Ukambani fruit. From kilome community, ‘asanda’ come again.. To engage your youthfulness this holiday season +254780891689

Rock 14111 – Gods work or?


First this guide I was given is “supposed” to be illiterate but will challenge your best accountant about their integrity with figures – CEOs he is a must meet if your company figures don’t add up!
Now back to rock ‘14111’, yes it does exist a rock with natural numbers clearly written on it. Who wrote on it God or someone who had too much time & energy? That’s the question everybody asks until you see the writing


In the Above photo you can barely see the 41 on the rock 14111.
To get here go down mombasa road 100 south of Nairobi, turn left at ‘Salama’ go about 4 kilometers on tarmaced road upto a small township known as Maiani. Ask for the turn off to kamuthini fresh air/Kenze on your right. If you are using public means get into a vehicle going to Nunguni from opposite Salvation Army church Hqs near OTC in Nairobi downtown (14 & 50 seaters available). If hired they can drop & pick you at day end from site (600-800 return fare). Alternative get into one as a normal passenger and ask to be dropped off at Maiani, then take/hire a bodaboda (motorcycle) to Kenze ‘athusi’. From here request for a guide from Kenze Community Forest Association.
For those with private means turn right at Maiani (ask for the right road to Kenze at shops). This will take you past Kamuthini fresh air(making a stop to take in the panaromic views all the way to kajiado). Proceed till you get to the next small shopping center where you will enquire Kenze Forest Community offices (right next to rd). Here you’ll enquire for a local guide and parking.
For both those using public and private means an entry fee is applicable plus a separate guide fee to rock 14111.
Superb outing for sight seeing, outdoor group meetings (youth & prayer groups), family, individuals with splendid views like


..and the Kwawatingila Valley. Views of Mt.Kalembwani, Kyulu Mts and Mt Kilimanjaro on clear days/most evenings also possible. Also those seeking photography.
Hikes, picnicking, or riding bicycles especially for your young ones is pleasant! For the energetic a visit downhill to old hyena cave’s or kilombo/Kalombo rock shelter
Food, like chapatis soft drinks etc can be gotten at Shops near entry. Goat or mbuzi for Choma can be pre arranged from Ksh3500 for group of about 10 people [tel:0722891689 by Thursdays] delivered on site. Kuku choma (kienyeji chicken can also be arranged plus firewood).
For birdwatchers their is


Plenty of bush and pools of water with Migrants from Europe Asia having arrived.
Accommodation: see Tourism page on this site for options including where to swim the rest of weekend and contact email below for small group accommodation and visits to CSR projects.
*Map on Tourism page

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The Ultimate 4wd test in Kilome

Is someone claiming to sell you a 4 wheel drive? Simple, take it for a test drive around Kiima Kiu circuit in Kilome!
If your seller says ‘no’ know he’s selling you a junk,  and happily walk away with your money.
Kiima kiu in Kilome is the Hill on your left (mombasa road from Nairobi) after Malili town as you begin going down the 1st climbing lane (approximately 1hr from Nairobi). Immediately you begin the descend look for a marrum road going to the hill. One goes to the center of the hill-leave that! Take the one that goes slightly right.
Should you find you have descended to the bottom of the climbing lane-you have gone too far.
You can use this circuit to test your offroad skills or if you can navigate with your 4wd as an outing with friends.
*caution, don’t attempt during rains. It’s also a no go zone for 2wd vehicles.
Enjoy the Kilome experience!

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2012

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