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Engaging Children POSITIVELY

As most are engaging others in politiking, a few young men and women are working to engage your youth in healthy engagements.


Kilome dryland’s new Users

They don’t understand maize & beans, they also don’t see lack of banks, dams & boreholes as an impediment to their agricultural endeavours. Infact one of them said No to an order to his produce as I enquired to write about his farming without a dam,borehole or river source

..when everything around is crisp brown!
their gardens are full of fruit! But even better, they are more than willing to show their keen how to do it.

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Your Father offering You a Hand

This is specifically to youth of this country. Consider your father has a duty to run and feed his home and has therefore set aside resources to ensure that this is done.
He is willing to assist you up with his resources in exchange for you ensuring you assist him meet his target on time and at the agreed quality!. He is willing to pay ANY one of YOU that will help him complete this work in time and to the required standard. Are you willing to engage him by helping him achieve his target?
The home is your Mother country, Father in that home is the President. Work to be done is building that Nation according to a master plan your father is holding.
Since your father can’t be everywhere, he has assigned oversight duties to people he trusts ie ministers/cabinet secretaries. Each has set up systems in their work places to ensure tasks are completed as agreed (even time wise). They have also set up notice boards ie websites, that keep you informed of what they are doing, where they are, and where they have opportunities for you to help them achieve targets at a profit to you through a process known as tendering.
In some instances your father has realised you don’t have the financial muscle to execute the work to standard before payments and has set up a fund – structured (with guidelines/rules) to ensure that only those who deliver benefit from it to execute work.
What more can a child ask of his father?

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Sand Harvesting within planned 10km Konzacity buffer Zone in Kilome

Uncontrolled sand harvesting like this one

in plots within the proposed 10km Konzacity buffer zone are beginning to create gully’s on stream heads(seasonal rivers) that feed land around Konzacity.
Since most of these are occurring on yet to be developed/occupied parcels of land it is done without consent of land owners, and trucks crosscross the land leaving gullied criss crossed roads all over making it also difficult for land owners to reach their parcels.
Paying local desperate youths around ksh500 to fill the trucks what will be the eventual environmental and economic costs as the gullies extend towards the city environs? Also consider the image of a city being planned and sold to investors with growing gullies around it ie. if they can’t manage the city plus environs before the first structure is put up, how will they manage it when the constructions begin?
Some of these valley’s have dams just a few metres lower originally put up for cattle they have water despite the current dry weather that may soon silt as the natural springs that feed them (dams) during dry spells dry up. Quite an image for the city planners. This also means the city planners never considered the youth around the city and potential eventual security risks as they destroy their own family’s source of water and find themselves desperate in a short while as houses and businesses begin to operate.

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