Tourism Map of Kilome


The sunsets of Kilome

kilome gradient sunset

If u’ve always wanted to take a gradient formed by a sunset Kilome is the place! Taken with a phone camera and joined together.

Sight seeing

Kilome has a number of natural sight seeing sights. From views of Kilimanjaro on clear days to the most stunning gradient sunsets daily, through agricultural landscapes to forest walks.

Kyulu mountains

Mts of Kajiado

Forest walks

River walks in kilome

Birdwatching in kilome(see flora/fauna checklist)

Waterfalls in kilome

Bug (dudu) watching



Upete Views site

Kilome View site

copyright muoki kioko2010

mwanya mbevo view site

At ‘Kabesta’ – Malili Township, just after Konzacity if coming from Nairobi. Has giraffe and zebra sculptures at the entrance
Also. more facilities covered here for swimming and conferences.

Kabesta (tel: 0727297666) – Malili
Nedland inn (tell:0722508519 or 0723414996)- Malili
Kathongole Hill View inn (also has open verander sitting spaces). Located about a kilometer after Malili on your left from Nairobi.

Nedland Inn (Malili) centre
Kathongole Hill View Inn

Mbizi Choma(Roast Goat)
Can be arranged on any of the hills of Kilome (family/groups). Foods(chapati, rice, stews): book 0722891689

Picnic/sight seeing:
Kilome hills, entry left at Salama (100kms from Nairobi)
Alt: email for map

Those with children with bicycles or have their own can try ‘Kenze Hill’ or ‘kiima kiu’

Text & Images
©Muoki Kioko 2009-2013
For permissions to use images email:

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  1. Milton. That is a wonderful idea. Indeed anytime I stand just below Mr. Kaboi’s home I develope the same idea. Lets explore it further and craft a proposal.


    • Milton M. Nzioka
    • October 14th, 2010

    Sight seeing and sporting activities at Kikome can be achieved at Kilome especially aroung Sakini, Kenze, Kyandue/Kyotaa hills. We need to invite investors to the area to look at the possibility of cable car sporting acitivities across the sakini/upete/kenze valley, supportted by picnic/conference/hostel facilities on the hillsides. this can be a multibillion dollar investment and dont 4get the Malili ICT facility will provide a constant stream of visitiors to the Kilome/Mukaa recreational and sporting facilities.



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